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Benjamin Andrews



Born: 6 Oct 1792, Maine

Baptized: Sometime before 1836

Married: 28 Jul. 1836 (43 years old) to Rhoda G. Baker (25 years old) in Kirtland, Geauga, Ohio.

Occupation: ?

Church Experience: Ordained an elder. Served a mission in 1842

Other: In 1840, the Andrews' moved to Illinois and were among the founders of the small Latter-day Saint settlement of Ramus (later renamed Macedonia) in Hancock County. He served on it's city council. On 15 Jan. 1844, Benjamin penned "An Appeal to the Citizens of Maine," under the direction of Joseph Smith. The appeal urged citizens in Maine to support the Saints' cause in seeking redress for persecution in Missouri.


Age: 52

Assignment: 22 May 1844 Times and Seasons newspaper shows Benjamin had been assigned to Maine to electioneer.

Electioneering Experience: No available evidence records Miles' experience or if he even left. 

Location 27 Jun. 1844: ?


1 Jan 1846: Nauvoo. Endowed in the Nauvoo Temple as a high priest.

1850: Kirtland, Lake, Ohio. Mason. $0 real estate, below average to his neighbors.

Family: Died sometime between 1850 and 1860. He married only Rhoda and they had one child.

Synopsis: By the end of 1846, Benjamin had joined with the Strangites in Voree, Burlington, Wisconsin. He was a counselor in the Voree stake presidency. He later moved back to Kirtland, Ohio and helped lead the Strangites there. His death date and location is unknown. 

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