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Daniel Allen



Born: 9 December 1804, Whitestown, Oneida, New York

Baptized: 1 June 1834 (33 years old) in New York by fellow future electioneer Joel H. Johnson.

Married: 6 Oct. 1828 (23 years old) to Mary Ann Morris (15 yrs old)

Occupation: Shoemaker

Church Experience: ?

Other: Fled Kirtland in 1837. In Far West, was in arms during the Mormon War. In Nauvoo, he owned three different city lots. Served a mission in Illinois in July 1843 to mitigate damage of John C. Bennett's accusations against the Church.He and Mary Ann had five children before the campaign.


Age: 39

Assignment: Assigned at the 9 April 1844 special conference of elders to electioneer in Illinois.  

Electioneering Experience: No available evidence records Daniel's experience. 

Location on 27 Jun. 1844: Likely somewhere in Illinois.


1 Jan 1846: Nauvoo. He was made a seventy in October 1844 and endowed with Mary Ann on 24 Jan 1846 in the Nauvoo Temple. He had worked on the temple.

1850: Salt Lake City. They arrived in 1849.

1860: A miller with $2,000 real estate and $1,000 personal wealth, both well above his neighbors in West Jordan, Utah. 

1870: A shoemaker in Parawon, Utah with $550 of real estate and $400 of personal wealth, average with his neighbors. 

1880: A shoemaker in Escalante.

Family: Died 15 Jan. 1892 in Escalante, Garfield, Utah. He had three (only one plural) wives and twenty-six children.

Synopsis: The Allen's were among the last to escape Nauvoo in the initial exodus. Mary Ann died of illness and exposure after childbirth in April 1846 at Soap Creek, Iowa. The baby died months later. In 1847 he married Louisa Jane Berry (she was 19). He was the first man to tan leather in Utah. Married plurally to Sarah Whitely (she was 20 years old) in 1854. Moved to Manti (1854), Pleasant Grove (1855), Provo (1856), West Jordan (1860), Parawon (1862), and Escalante (1880). 

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