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Dustin Amy



Born: 24 Oct. 1801, Kinston, Addison, Vermont

Baptized: April 1842, most likely in Ohio.

Married: 16 Sep. 1829 (27 years) to Leonara Scott (18 years old).

Occupation: Farmer

Church Experience:  ?

Other: Dustin was living in Rutland, Lake, Ohio in 1840. Sometime in 1842 after his baptism he was living in Nauvoo.


Age: 42

Assignment: Called as a delegate for Ohio as 17 May 1844 Nauvoo convention. 

Electioneering Experience: No available evidence records Dustin's experience or if he even left. 

Location 27 Jun. 1844: ?


1 Jan 1846: Nauvoo. He was ordained a seventy in 1845. He and Leonora were endowed in the Nauvoo Temple in Jan. 1846.

1850: Kanesville, Pottawattamie, Iowa a tinner. 

1860: Tin worker in Salt Lake City with $3000 real estate and $1000 personal wealth, above average and average respectively to his neighbors.

Family: Died 13 Jun. 1868 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa. During his life he had four wives (three plural) and six children.

Synopsis: The Amy's fled Nauvoo, but went to St. Louis on there way to Winter Quarters. There, Dustin procured tin, to furnish for the Saints. Dustin came to Utah in 1851, but Leonora and the children remained in Kanesville, refusing to go. Dustin became a tinner in Salt Lake and married Levira Clark (1852-53),Christiana Collingswood (1855) and Esther Mendenhall (1856). In 1856 he left on a mission to the Eastern States, but returned the next summer with the threat of the Utah War. He prospered as a tinner, but then faced financial ruin because of lawsuits in the early 1860's. Levira divorced Dustin in 1863 and Christiana and Esther are nowhere to be found in the record. After falling seriously ill, his first wife Leonora, to whom he was still legally married, came to Utah and took him back to Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa where he died. 

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