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Harmon Jackson Akes



Born: 27 Aug. 1816, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Baptized: 1841

Married: 14 Mar. 1839 to Martha Frost (17 years)

Occupation: Farmer

Church Experience: ?

Other: In 1836 at age 20, He purchased 5,000 acres in Jefferson County, Iowa, helping found the town of Fairfield. By 1840, he only owned 40 acres. Martha Frost was the sister of fellow future-electioneer Samuel B. Frost. At some point the couple moved to Nauvoo. They had three children, all of whom died as toddlers.  


Age: 27

Assignment: Called/volunteered sometime after the April 1844 conference. Labored in Kentucky.

Electioneering Experience: Departed May 28 on the steamboat Osprey with approximately 60 other electioneers. Preached and electioneered every day with John D. Lee, Horace B. Owens, and brother-in-law Samuel B. Frost through June and early July before returning to Nauvoo.

Location on 27 Jun. 1844: Frankfort, Franklin, Kentucky


1846: Died 12 Oct. 1844 (28 years) in Nauvoo from illness.

Family: His one-year-old daughter died days from him.

Synopsis: Harmon was one of the first electioneers to die. His wife Martha remarried plurally in 1845 to another electioneer, George W. Langley. In 1846, Langley acted as proxy for Harmon in being sealed to Martha in the Nauvoo Temple. Martha would live until 1902. 

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