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John Allen



Born: May 1808, Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York

Baptized: 1 April 1836 in Pennslyvania by fellow future electioneer Almon W. Babbitt.

Married: Married to Julia M. (born 1815) sometime before 1836.

Occupation: Farmer

Church Experience:  Ordained a priest sometime before 1840. Ordained an elder and called as a counselor in the Mount Hope bishopric in Adams County, Illinois. 1842 a missionary.  

Other: After being baptized, the Allen's moved to Kirtland. They experienced persecution there and later at Far West, Missouri. Then fled to Quincy, Adams, Illinois where they lived until sometime in 1842, when they moved to Macedonia, Hancock, Illinois.


Age: 36

Assignment: Called on 22 April 1844 to electioneer in Illinois.  

Electioneering Experience: No available evidence records John's experience. 

Location on 27 July 1844: Likely somewhere in Illinois.


1 Jan 1846: Macedonia, Hancock, Illinois. He was made a high priest in 1845 and endowed with Julia on 12 Jan. 1846 in the Nauvoo Temple. They were sealed 4 Feb. 1846.

1850: A cooper in Spring, Crawford, Illinois with average wealth.

1860: A farmer in Independence, Oakland, Michigan with $700 real estate and $300 personal, both below neighbors. 

1870: ?

1880: A farmer in Birch Run, Saginaw, Michigan.

Family: Died 1 July 1887 in Independence, Oakland, Michigan. In his life he had one wife and three children.

Synopsis: After being endowed and sealed, Julia followed Jesse J. Strang and was excommunicated in late 1846. John was disfellowshipped, likely for the same reason. At some point he joined the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

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