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Lorin Whiting Babbitt



Born: 16 Sep 1806, New Marlborough, Massachussets

Baptized: Sometime before 1834 in Ohio

Married: Circa 1828 (22 yrs old) to Almira Castle (18 yrs old) somewhere in Ohio.

Occupation: Carpenter

Church Experience: Ordained a seventy in Kirtland circa 1835.

Other: Experienced the spiritual manifestations of the Kirtland Temple dedication. Shareholder in the Kirtland Safety Society. Owned to city lots in Nauvoo.


Age: 37

Assignment: Called to Ohio at the 9 Apr. 1844 special conference of elders.

Electioneering Experience: Electioneered with Edson Barney. They worked in Chicago and were involved in a big debate in Amherst, Ohio against a Presbyterian minister from Oberlin College. Attended the Kirtland conference in the Kirtland Temple. 

Location 27 Jun. 1844: Somewhere in northern Ohio.


1 Jan 1846: Nauvoo. He was endowed as a seventy 1 Jan. 1846. 6 Feb. 1846 to deceased Almira and to Mary Arey.

1850: Isle of Man, United Kingdom as a missionary.

1860: Pike County, Illinois as a farmer with $1500 of real estate and $200 of personal wealth, well above compared to his neighbors.

1870: Brown County, Illinois as a farmer with no reported wealth. 

1880: Washington, Missouri as a farmer. 

Family: Married 6 Feb. 1846 (39 yrs old) to Mary Arey (39 yrs old) in Nauvoo. She divorced him circa 1860. He married plurally on 20 April 1852 (45 yrs old) to Mary Bunning (35 yrs old) in Salt Lake City. He had 9 children all with Almira. He died 29 Aug. 1883 in Stewartsville, Missouri.

Synopsis: Wife Almira Castle passed away in Sep. 1845 from exposure following the burning of their home by a mob. In 1847 made a president of a seventy quorum. 1849-1851 served a mission to the Isle of Man. Emigrated to Utah in 1851. Helped settle Beaver, Utah in 1856. He served as probate judge and was elected to the Territorial House. Circa 1859 he left Utah with Mary Bunning to Pike County, Illinois. Became a wealthy farmer. Joined the RLDS church in 1863 and was ordained an elder and later high priest. 

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