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Milo Andrus



Born: 6 Mar. 1814, Essex County, New York

Baptized: 12 Apr. 1833, Florence, Erie, Ohio

Married: 21 Feb. 1833 (18 years old) to Abigail Daley (17 years old) in Florence, Erie, Ohio

Occupation: ?

Church Experience: Ordained an elder 5 May 1833. Served missions in Ohio that year. Marches in Zions camp 1834. 28 Feb. 1835 called into the original seventy. Served another mission to Ohio in 1839.

Other: In 1838, moves to Caldwell County, Missouri and is driven out. Baby daughter dies. Served another mission in 1839 in Ohio. In 1840, moves to Nauvoo and owns one city lot. He and Abigail have had four children.


Age: 30

Assignment: Called and assigned at the 9 April 1844 special conference of elders to electioneer in Ohio

Electioneering Experience: Sometime in April 1844 leaves for southern Ohio with companion John Loveless. "While preaching there we heard of the disturbance at Nauvoo and immediately left our place of labor and  returned in haste to the Saints in Nauvoo [as quickly as steam could take us] (Loveless)." On 28 June, about 150 miles south of Nauvoo, they switched onto another steamboat and heard that Joseph and Hyrum had been killed. "A loud shout was sent up by the devils incarnate on our boat (Loveless)." They arrived in Nauvoo on 29 June in time to see the Smiths' bodies and funeral. Milo continued on to Carthage Jail and "saw the floor stained with the best blood of the present generation."

Location 27 Jun. 1844: Steamboat near St. Louis, Missouri. 


1 Jan 1846: Nauvoo. Endowed in the Nauvoo Temple as a seventy with Abigail 24 Dec 1845. They were sealed 28 Jan 1846 by fellow electioneer Amasa Lyman.

1850: A farmer in Salt Lake City with $100 of real estate, average compared with his neighbors. 

1860: On a mission in England.

1870: A farmer in St. George, Utah.

1880: A farmer with rheumatoid arthritis in St. George, Utah.

1890: Oxford, Onedia, Idaho.

Family: Died 19 June 1893 in Oxford, Idaho. He also married Sarah Miles (1848), Lucy Loomis (1851), Adeline Alexander (1852), Mary Webster (1852), Elizabeth Brooks (1855), Ann Brooks (1855), Jane Munday (1855), Margaret Boyce (1857), Emma Covert (1858) and Francenia Tuttle (1862). Abigail (1851) and Adeline (1864) divorced him. He and Abigail remarried (1886). He had 55 children.

Synopsis: Called as a bishop in Nauvoo and then in 1845 as president of the 10th Quorum of Seventy. He was also entrusted as an ordinance worker in the Nauvoo Temple. He led pioneer companies to Utah in 1850, 1855, and 1861. He served missions to England in 1848-1850 and 1859-1861. He also served in the Eastern States from 1869-1870. From 1854-1855 served as the stake president in St. Louis to oversee emigration to Utah. He helped settle St. George, Utah, Green River, Utah, and Oxford, Idaho. He served on the high council in St. George and as the patriarch in Oxford.

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