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Randolph Alexander



Born: 22 March 1802, Union County, South Carolina

Baptized: 8 July 1836 (34 years old) in Tennessee by David Patten

Married: 11 Jun. 1830 to Myrza Nix (15 years old)

Occupation: ?

Church Experience: Ordained an elder in 1836, and for a short time was clerk of the Nauvoo High Council in 1840.

Other: In Nauvoo, he owned four different city lots. Served a mission in Tennessee with fellow future electioneer John D. Lee in 1842. At one point they were attacked by a mob. He and Myrza had seven kids before the campaign.


Age: 42

Assignment: Delegate to South Carolina at the 17 May 1844 Nauvoo campaign convention. 

Electioneering Experience: Unsure if he ever left for South Carolina or what further role he played in Nauvoo. 

Location on 27 June 1844: ?


1 Jan 1846: Unsure. Most likely Nauvoo, as he received his endowment sometime in 1845. He was made a seventy in October 1844.

1850: A farmer with $1500 of wealth, well above his neighbors in Salt Lake City. Plurally married in 1848 to Lucy Taft.

1860: A farmer with $1500 real estate and $750 personal wealth, both well above his neighbors in Salt Lake City. Plurally married to Jane Pugh in 1852

1870: Living in Washington, Utah with $1,000 of real estate and $300 of personal wealth, well above and equal respectively to his neighbors. 

Family: Died 3 December 1879 in Washington, Utah. He had three wives and nineteen children.

Synopsis: Randolph came west in 1848. He helped settle Parley's Place (1848), Salt Lake City (1850), and Washington (1862). 

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