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William Ivins Appleby



Born: 13 Aug. 1811 New Egypt, Monmouth, New Jersey

Baptized: 21 Sep. 1840 by future electioneer colleague Erastus Snow.

Married: 23 Oct. 1830 (19 yrs old) to Sarah Price (19 yrs old) Monmouth, New Jersey.

Occupation: Repairman and then educator.

Church Experience: Ordained and elder in 1841. Started a mission in 1842 that continued through the 1844 campaign. President of the Recklesstown Branch in Burlington Co., New Jersey.

Other: In 1836 suffers depression, "temptations of suicide hovered over me." Loses baby daughter in 1839 and turns to politics. Was a justice of the peace in Burlington Co., New Jersey. Electioneered for William Henry Harrison (Whig) in 1840. "I took quite and active part in the strife, using my influence, and endeavors in behalf of Harrison's election, attending political meetings and caucuses, etc." Is baptized in Aug. 1840 and drops politics right before the election. After visiting Nauvoo in 1841, his travel partner back east is Francis Scott Key, author of "The Star-Spangled Banner."


Age: 32

Assignment: While already serving as a missionary, called by electioneer John F. Wakefield at the West Nantmeal Seminary in Mormon Hollow on 5 May 1844 to campaign in his home state of New Jersey. He begins electioneering that night.

Electioneering Experience: On his way back to New Jersey, he stops to see the neighborhood in Philadelphia burned in the recent Bible Riots. He preaches and electioneers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware for over a month with several different companions. He is involved in dozens of baptisms and successful political meetings.He learns of Joseph's death while in Delaware with several other electioneers and apostles. Attend's Joseph's National Convention at which nothing was done due to the prophet's assassination.

Location 27 Jun. 1844: Georgetown, Delaware.


1 Jan 1846: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, serving as branch president and president of the Eastern States Mission.

1850: Salt Lake City, a clerk with $1200 real estate, which is average compared with his neighbors.

1860: Salt Lake City, a lawyer with $3000 real estate and $500 in personal wealth, both well above average of his neighbors.

1870: Salt Lake City

Family: Remained a monogamist. Had a total of seven children. Died 20 May 1870 in Salt Lake City.

Synopsis: Following the election, Church leaders made Appleby a high priest and president of the Philadelphia branch and the Eastern States Mission. Came to Utah in 1849. Endowed in 1851 in the Endowment House in Utah. Served as president of the Eastern States Mission again in 1857-1858, after which he lead a pioneer company to Utah. Regent of and the librarian of the University of Deseret. For a time territorial treasurer and  probate judge in Green River, Utah as well as clerk of the Supreme and First District courts for Utah Territory. 

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