The unknown contributions of Joseph Smith's political missionaries, written by Derek Sainsbury

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Did your ancestor  campaign for Joseph Smith?

In 1844, Joseph Smith campaigned for president. Storming the Nation, outlines why Joseph ran and why he sent a cadre of over 600 electioneer missionaries ​to preach and politick throughout the country. Latter-day Saint Historian Derek Sainsbury details who the electioneers were before the campaign, their activities and experiences as electioneers, and who they became after Joseph's assassination. Storming the Nation illuminates and memorializes the loyalty, sacrifices, and extraordinary lives and contributions of a heroic host who have been overlooked and forgotten by history--until now. 


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"A very interesting study on the political missionaries who worked on behalf of Joseph Smith's run for President of the United States in 1844.


Lectures, Interviews, and Podcasts


Interpreter Radio Show

Tune in with Steve Densley, Craig Foster and Matthew Bowen as they discuss Storming the Nation with Derek Sainsbury

MAY 11

Latter Day Lives Podcast

Join host Shawn Rapier as he interviews Derek Sainsbury about his life, his struggles, and his new book Storming the Nation


New Books Network

Join Derek Sainsbury and other scholars as they present the latest in scholarship from the Joseph Smith Papers Project

MAY 27

From the Desk

Read the answers Derek Sainsbury gives to "10 Questions from the Desk of Kurt Manwaring"


Sons of Utah Pioneers Webinar

Join Derek, Program Director for SUP Online and Derek R. Sainsbury as they discuss  one of the  most important and interesting yet untold missionary experience in Latter-day Saint history.


Gospel Tangents Podcast

Continue the journey with the Gospel Tangents and Derek Sainsbury in an 8 part series. 

SEP 18

Joseph Smith Papers Conference

Join Derek Sainsbury and other scholars as they present the latest in scholarship from the Joseph Smith Papers Project


Cultural Hall Podcast

Join Richard T. Steadman as he interviews Derek Sainsbury on what motivated him to write "Storming the Nation" as well as important discussions of politics in a fun podcast.

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